Αγωνιστικά Γάντια Minus – 273 BLITZ Άσπρο / Πράσινο
9 Μαρτίου 2022
πανιά μικροϊνών 40cmx40cm
ΠΑΝΑΚΙΑ μικροϊνών 40 X 40cm
23 Μαρτίου 2022
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Αγωνιστικά Γάντια Minus – 273 SUPERVILLAIN Άσπρο


Ελαφριά αγωνιστικά γάντια, ιδανικά για Karting & Sim Racers.
Made with a bonded, layered and textured upper. Light, breathable poly-spandex material, for a sport where grams matter.

Industry-leading gloves featuring:

Ultra form-fitting & lightweight four-way stretch poly-blend upper, combined with a unique pre-curved, fully perforated palm with external seams
Fully printed palm features color-matched silicone texture with our exclusive perforations for ventilation and a continuous dry-fit while in use
Fully sublimated graphic treatment, which does not restrict the performance or function of the fabric

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Αγωνιστικά Γάντια Minus – 273 SUPERVILLAIN Άσπρο

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